Stars and Stripes, Murica

8 + 2 FNG’s posted for a USA themed workout. Hot and Humid.


Disclaimer given in Plank, dive bombers, tunnels, Don Quixote, Chinooks, and finkle swings x 13 (13 original colonies). Mosey to Cindy’s.

The Thang

Representing “U”, pax completed combination of upright rows with Cindy’s and Merkins to reach 50 total reps oyo. (50 states) Pax choice of combo, some did 25 each, some 20 rows and 30 merkins etc. Mosey to corner of lot for “S” , squat jumps and Merkins to reach 50 reps total oyo. Mosey to another corner for “A” . American Hammers and merkins combined for 50 total.  USA.

Mosey to another parking lane for Stars and Stripes. 50 SSH represented stars, then start at one parking lot stripe and sidestep diagonally to opposite stripe . Completeing zig zag until 13 stripes accomplished.

Rinse and repeat until YHC called time. All moseyed to the 6 and finished together. All finished minimum of thee rounds. Return cindys and mosey to flag.


Named FNG’s. Welcome Gilligan and Bread crumb to the group. Pledge, pray , and on our way. Happy Birthday America!

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