Debts Paid & Back Pain Avoided

Five Pax joined in the gloom to run the neighborhood with  few workouts thrown in for good measure.After the disclaimer some warm up exercises:20 SSH; 20 walking tin man; 20 through the tunnel; 20 Peter Parker stretch5 pax began the mosey to send remittance of $5 payment to one of our faithful who was only home between travel schedules.3 mile run slowed down with extra stops to account for a back muscle pull sustained in the July 4th Tybee Beach workout extravaganza.4 stations included stops every 1/2 mile:

  • 1st Station: 20 LBC in cadence; 20 flutter kicks in cadence
  • 2nd Station: 15 merkins in cadence and an Indian run (with pit stop to repay a cash debt and ding dong dash at Hamm’s house)
  • 3rd Station: 20 step ups in Hull Park and 15 Carolina dry docks in cadence)
  • 4th Station: 30 dips on your own; 20 flutter kicks

We headed back to Daffin Park with a side shuffle down Waring Dr. from Victory to finish in a sprint to the stop sign.COT: Count-a-rama; name-a-rama; pledge, prayer,

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