Back and Better Than Ever

Pax: (16) Kisses, High Life – NC, Ashton Pritcher – FNG “Shipwreck”, Salmonella, Twopack, Birdman, Rainbow row, +2 2.0s (Black Panther, stone) Twinkle, UGA VI plus 2.0s Chompers and Stingray, Caleb Meager – FNG 2.0 “Goose”, Ranger 2.0, Jango 2.0YHC was approached by by Twinkle about an open Q slot and asked if he would like to take it. After some delay YHC decided to jump on the opportunity and started planning the thing.Originally the plan was to do more upper body pull-ups etc, however, with the 2.0s and number of pax YHC realized that it needed to be a little more kid friendly and the mowed lawn was just to good of an opportunity to pass up.Warm-up: all ICFlat jacks: x25Chinooks: x15 ea. directionImperial walkers: x15Hand release Merkins: x20The Thang:We all lined up at the closet telephone and YHC forgot his watch so we went station to stationLunges: x10 the sprint to next pole x5Side shuffles to the right, then to the left then Elton Johns, bear crawls then finally crab walksThen planks: low, R, L, high ~30 secHeading back we did jumping lunges x10 then sprint x5Backwards run, right and left side shuffle and then some more planks. We then moseyed over to the swing set for round 2Group one did pull ups, chin ups ea. x5 then hangs, either flexed or dead hangGroup two did weighted lunges x10 ea. and coupon carry down and back then we switchedFinally headed back for planks low, R, L, high and McGill sit-ups all ~45 sec ea.Then it was countarama, namearame, pledge, prayer requests, naming of FNG’s and prayer followed by some good chow.Plans are in the works for a fun Q either 21 or 28 July so make sure to pay attention.Prayer requests: High Life- mom has ovarian cancer and dad is not doing well “Tom and Nancy”Caroline Moore- paralyzed from neck down, recovery and that she is able to make it to the Shepherd Center for recover.

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