Gamblers Special Sampler

The Gamblers Special Sampler
While traveling this journey of life YHC has learned to expect anything from the Q to always be ready to go. With that being said some should prepare for a field trip on 7/21, a game of 21 of some sorts will be played, either with coupons for those that don’t want to run or a visit to the freedom defenders trail about a mile long course, give a few thousand feet it’s less than three miles.

If you want to lock in your field trip voucher you should HC and bring a picture ID, understand the warning; this is running a course developed to train the elites, there are obstacles that can scratch you up, or if you fall put you on the IR, we won’t leave you there, we will take you back to Daffin and call your M’s. The choice is yours, do you want to gamble, and do you want to see how quick and tough you are? YHC completed the course in street clothes under 30 minutes. Come join, this is a rare occasion with UGA VI and YHC co-Q’ing and possibly a third Q at Daffin for those that either don’t HC, or don’t get there by the time the bus leaves. Now my friends, aka PAX, it’s on you to decide your destiny.

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