Conditions: 77 deg F, 89% Humidity (felt higher to YHC, and my shirt at the end was definitely 100% saturated)

Goal of today’s Shuffle

Touch every parking space in the back parking lot, keep heart rate up the whole time


SSH * 30 IC (last 10 double time)

Through The Tunnels * 15 IC

Don Quixote * 10 IC

Moroccan Nightclubs OYO while disclaimer was given

The Thang

Mosey to the back parking lot.  Explain the goal to touch every parking spot.  Then explain how we’ll get to the goal.  This map will probably do the best job of that.


  • Bear Crawls
  • Hopscotch – broad jump from one parking space to the adjacent one in a zig-zag fashion to get all of the spaces
  • Front & Back Snakes – Run forward and then backward snaking through the parking spaces
  • Power Skips aka Mario Jumps – do this down the front half of the parking row, and then back along the back half
  • Side Shuffle Snakes – similar to the Front & Back, only going side to side
  • Suicides – Run the lane in suicide fashion to each line, as shown in the picture
  • Bear Crawls again

Rinse and repeat snaking through the full parking lot.  By YHC’s count, this was 504 parking spots.

And here is our output:


Every. Single. PAX. Completed. The. Workout.

This was awesome.  This workout kind of sucked.  The humidity and lack of a breeze sucked.  This group of HIMs embraced the suck, pushed each other, and all finished the course on time.  There is no way that YHC would have finished this (heck, even started it) if it weren’t for the other PAX there pushing, encouraging, and completing the course together.

Mosey back to the flag.


Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama, Announcements, Pledge, Prayers

We lift up Ti and his family as he ventures back up to Mooresville, NC for the next phase of his career and life.  It’s been a pleasure having as part of this group of men for the past several months.  Luckily Mooresville is just north of where F3 launched … we are confident he’ll find a new AO home.

Airball’s MRI from Wednesday showed a torn ACL (not from F3, though the disclaimer is always given!).  Prayers for his upcoming surgery and a speedy recovery.  Encourage him to get back out there with us when he’s healed.

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