Game day 3 – Poker face

9 pax wrapped up game week by YHC. The forecast was 70% chance of rain, but that meant 30% chance of no rain. No fartsacking from this group of hard core gamblers.


MNC with disclaimer, Chinooks, Sprinklers, Tunnels, and Don Quixote IC x some random number. Mosey to back lot.

The Thang

Run perimeter of parking lot. When back at start,  draw a card from the deck and perform first exercise on list. Face value of card X 10 gave # of reps. Take another lap and draw another card, perform the next exercise. Repeat until each pax has 5 cards and completed all exercises.

SSH, Mountain climbers, Imperial walkers, lunge jumps, and LBC’s.

The winning hand was a pair of Kings, Ace high (Martha Stewart) and beat YHC’s pair of Kings ,Jack high. He was rewarded by picking a exercise from the list (SSH) and the rest of the pax did SSH while he took another lap . Pretty sure he took a detour, that was a lot of SSH. YHC was convinced the deck was stacked as he had King, King, 10, 7, and a Jack. No rest for the Q.

Looking for ward to whatever the next themed week will be. Pledge, pray for lives lost in the community, and on our way.

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