Gamblers Gamble Winning

  • Seven pax got through the gambles dealt. It was a gloomy start, with tummy turmoils, multiple porcelain saddles, rendezvous revision, fog, wet, well the jungle was swamped with recent daily deposits, so added to the built in, the mud and Creek crossing trot began.
    SSH – IC 30
    TTT – IC 20
    EW – IC 15
    Tin Man – IC 10
    6 locals and one OOT pax slaughtered the trail and obstacles.

Good times, short course the extra water was refreshing, though my last experience swamping with UGA VI, we past within a foot of the biggest water mocasson encountered. Pictures are on Google somewhere.

YHC redirected the 8’s due to split tendon, shameful. Orthopedic Tuesday.

We hit 21 merkins as a salute to those that went before us.

COT, lift words for the following, St. Clair has a new commute scheduled, Moore/Brodmann family interrupted future pressing on, Celiz family in loss of hero, safe times for Volunteers in town, trips to the beach and general w/e exploritories.

UGA VI, TwoPack, Utter Butter, Sting Ray, Chompers, Rainbow Row, Salmonella

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