What’s a backblast?

Four pax posted for a typical July morning hot humid workout. Flag was missing today but hopefully on Wilmington’s Island rather than Florida. Workout began nearly on time. 

COP with typical assortment of warmup exercises each in cadence and numbering 15 to 25

Moseyed to the picnic tables.

Tricep dips x 20

Derkins x 20 

Dips x 20

Irkins x 20

Dips x 20

Merkins x 20

Dips x 20

Mosey to the tennis courts with a stop for a set of Dan Taylor to 5 and 20

Modified suicides across the three courts

Crab walk one way with increasing reps of LBCs on the turn back

Repeated with bear crawls in place of crab walk and merkins in place of LBCs

Moseyed back to the missing flag with another round of Dan Taylor with reverse lunges

Time allowed for Mary with each Pax offering an exercise

Ended with a ceremonial burpee per request

Pledge and prayer completed. Count and names omitted.

Good workout hopefully had by all. Matlock even received subspecialty medical advice included in the Q fee (you get what you pay for).

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