Globemasters, Hercules, and Galaxies

Day 2 of aviation week continued with recognition of our cargo and transport workhorses.  The C-17, C-130, and C-5 are the main active US military aircraft that act in a cargo capacity, though the official list is very long.  YHC is partial to the C-37 & C-20 for VIP transport (C-37 is military speak for a G550, C-20 is a G-III).

Conditions: Low 70’s, high humidity, and swamp grass from last nights storms


SSH * 30 IC (or maybe 25)

MNC OYO while disclaimer was given

T^3 * 15 IC

Slow Squats * 12 IC

Imperial Walkers * 15 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the soccer field/pavilion grabbing 6 cinder blocks on the way.  Today was a set of stations to rotate between.  Each station had some element of “Lifting Heavy Things” with some of them resulting in transporting said heavy things to another location.

  • Station 1 (timer): Cinder Block Transport – farmer carry cinder blocks about 25 yards to make a stack of 6.  Stack arrangement was at the discretion of the PAX (pyramid, pile, artistic structure, etc.).  This station acted as the timer for the others.
  • Station 2:  40 lb Sandbag Transport – power clean and throw the sandbag.  Toss until timer is complete.
  • Station 3:  Heavy Tire Transport – tire flips … there was definitely still water in the tire after the storms.  Flip until timer is complete.
  • Station 4:  40 lb Bucket Lift – 5 gallon bucket filled with water (approximately 40 lbs) with a rope thrown over the pull up bar.  Stand near the tree line and pull the rope to lift the bucket to the bar, and then slowly release the rope to lower.  Repeat until timer is complete.
  • Station 5:  50 lb Ruck Squat – no transport on this one, just lifting.  Go Ruck pack loaded with 50 lbs of plates provided.  Squat until timer is complete.
  • Station 6:  Fireman Carry – 2 PAX at this station.  1 is the carriee, the other is the carrier.  Carry (or be carried) until the timer is complete.

We made it through about 1.5 rounds of this.  Then onto the last exercise that sounded dumb enough in the Exicon that YHC wanted to try it.

The Bridge of Hate is the opposite of the Tunnel of Love.  Instead of making a tunnel for PAX to crawl under, we would lay on our 6’s and Lift one PAX over all of us in line, Transporting him to the end of the line (see what YHC did there, Cargo aircraft theme … lift heavy things and transport … okay, enough of the analogy).

The Bridge of Hate generated more laughter than solid form, but we got all 7 across, though I’m pretty sure DQ landed on Woo Hoo’s face rather than the ground.

Mosey back to the flag with the Cindy’s.  For good measure, an aircraft was landing as we gathered the Cindy’s, so we did a 5 Burpee Flyover penalty.


The usual things, always finishing with Pledge and Prayer.

Need a theme week Q for next week.  Theme week’s would be brutal to get volunteered for.  Someone step up.

The F3 IronPax challenge will run in August (some details here …  Pooler will be part of the Coastal Empire group.  We have decided that Breakfast Club on Wednesday’s will be our IronPax workout day.  The theme week Q won’t have to be creative that day.

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