Danger Zone

The final day of Aviation week paid tribute to some of the awesome fighter aircraft of the US Military.  The PAX demonstrated their own agility, speed, and air dominance with today’s workout.

Conditions: 74 deg F, ~85% humidity.  The ground was saturated as we learned at the end of the workout.


SSH * 30 IC (though this was supposed to be 35 and YHC just fell into old habits)

SSH * 5 IC (for the F35 Lightning)

T^3 * 18 IC  (for the F18 Hornet)

Don Quixote * 15 IC (for the F15 Eagle)

Disclaimer given

The Thang

Formation run for about 1 mile out to Pooler Pkwy and into the neighborhood.  Shortly after we started the run, we had a flyover.  10 burpees.

Upon completion of the 1 mile, we had a second flyover.  10 more burpees.

Plank for 71 seconds in tribute to the SR-71.  Though not really a fighter aircraft, it might be the baddest aircraft ever designed in built.  It flew at 85,000 feet, at a top speed of Mach 3.2.  It had it’s own special fuel made for it.  To accommodate the extreme temperatures and altitudes, the wings and fuselage would expand and would seal up the fuel tanks.  This resulted in leaking fuel when the aircraft was on the ground.  Our sweat dripping while we planked represented that leaking fuel.

Next we did 117 gear raises (aka toe taps, aka Rocky Balboas) in tribute to the F117 Nighthawk.

On the mile run back, we did Mach Tower Flybys (surprisingly, YHC didn’t get a single “negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full” comment).  Keep a tight straight line formation while the last PAX goes supersonic to the front of the line. In non airplane analogy terms, this is frequently referred to as an Indian Run.

Upon return to the parking lot, we then went for simulated aircraft carrier landings. The PAX partnered up, with one up front running, and the other behind them acting as an “arresting wire” to resist their run.  By holding onto their waste, they were able to make the run between light poles miserable.  We did this 2 times per PAX.

Finally, we moseyed to the grass field next to the stadium for the barrel roll portion of the airshow.  This was accomplished by grouping into 3’s and doing Monkey Rolls. The groups form was much improved from the last time we did Monkey Rolls in Pooler.  YHC was sufficiently gassed after 1 minute.  Thanks to the storms from the night before, the grass was soaked and a little muddy.  If we weren’t drenched from sweat at this point, we were drenched from the ground.

One last flyover occurred at the perfect time.  Only a 2 burpee penalty to get to 22 burpees total in honor of the F22 Raptor (YHCs favorite fighter, which is regularly in Savannah for training at the Air Dominance Center at KSAV).

Mosey back to the flag.


CAR, NAR, Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

Thanks for participating in this week.  It’s always fun to lead this group, and I appreciate when the PAX go along with terrible analogies.  Our workouts in F3 are never boring, that’s for sure!

Backstreet picked up the theme week Q for next week.  DQ offered himself as a backup on Wednesday in case Backstreet can’t make it.




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