Rotten to the Core

13 turned out on a mild, 74° Monday morning. Warmed up and exercised for about 10 minutes before turning to our “core” routine for the day.

The routine was a 13:30 HIIT Workout consisting of 3 rounds of excercises that increased in intensity each round. The exercise lasted 30 seconds with a 10 transition to the next. There was a 1 minute rest between each round.

Round 1: LBC, Plank, Freddy Mercury’s, Rt side plank, lt side plank, Superman

Round 2: rainbows, bird dog from a plank, Fred Merc toe touch, rt side plank extension, lt side plank extension, Superman

Round 3: windshield wipers, mtn climbers, Fred Merc with a DQ tapping the ground behind you, rt side plank extension w/crunch, lt side plank extension w/crunch, Superman.

The relaxed Superman position was maintained by several during the rest period.

Next, we did some running to trigger a little more core activity using the parking islands as turn around points. Included: sprints, backward run, bear crawls, crisscross run and lunges.

Finished off with a run around the lot.

Count-off, Name-o-rama, Pledge and Prayer.

Looking forward to Wednesday and the 3rd installment of the ironPAX.



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