Coupon Stations

With intentions of seeing 5 pax, YHC had something planned that was designed to push everyone close to merlot, work all upper, lower and core extensively. With one pax returning snipped and soldered back together, the second lowers were stricken from the mental winkie.


Causal conversation, perform the action while we discuss some logo, branding, and other internet Q schedule sign ups…One we have changed our Monday from Market place, to Manic, and now we are looking at Leftovers. Don’t be leftover from the weekend on Monday, come out like a hot cannonball ready to sink the obstabcles of life that come your way. Hit the week with intense fury. MNC, TTT, Tin Man’s, Monkey Humper’s, 50 LBC’s all done in a tabata style do as many as you can in the amount of time we are doing them about 1minute and 45 seconds. Brawny are you playing with the Calendar option.


The Thang Coupon Stations

Round 1

60Lb sand bag – Shoulder Loaded Squats x 25

40LB sand bag – Curls x25

10lb Medicine Ball American Hammers x25

Rinse Repeat

Round 2

60Lb sand bag – Bent over Rows x 25

40LB sand bag – Chest Press x25

10lb Medicine Ball  – Overhead Press x25

Rinse Repeat


Freddy Mercury’s, Box Cutter’s, Hello dolly’s, Tic Toc’s, Happy Man’s, SuperMan’s, Cobra’s, then back out into Carollina Dry docks x25

Pax: Doobie, Brawny, Salmonella

BOM: Doobie’s sugery was successful for now. We planted the RH Flag – which was in protected in the freedom show via UGA VI. Our Monday workout is now called leftovers

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