Anni 17 for 91101

Stoke joined our team a few weeks back after moving to the coastal empire on a Saturday, he was renamed on a Monday. And true to his name, he is generally game for whatever we are offering to par take and try out. His first ruck was at the ruffle last week with UGA VI, and YHC. It was YHC first ruck since a July Ruck, that went miserable but specifically pointed to strategy and rest needed for certain parts and of course new shoes.

The message here, Stokes’ M had car troubles Monday morning so he claims and skipped the workout to chauffeur her to work, feeling guilty he used his GPS to find us on Tuesday, and did not blink an eye when we stated today we go three. And just like that we went three, even ran a bit so one of the pax could get home timely.

Good times. If you are looking for a peaceful early morning walk, bring questions, the pax can handle anything you got…granted quantum physics will be limited and we will directly change the conversation quickly or just listen in silence.

Oh yes, and don’t let me be remiss by not mentioning the title, yes it was the 17th anniversary of some a-holes briefly interrupting life up for the rest of us. America will stand together, find and kill all the pathetic useless oxygen stealing jester’s that did this, and their famiies should be slaughtered and feed to the starving great white sharks in south africa that appeared to be a little skinnyer this year for shark week. What am I saying, yes we all lived through the drama, while we grew stronger, and we still don’t know your name, your half ass cause and our lives are better than they were, granted we miss some folks, but heaven assured us they made it and you didn’t. So unsuccessful, so if you want to blow yourself up please stay at home and let the good people live peacefully or be hunted and killed…you die either way. We have more friends than you do so just give up, find a better cause.

Rest in peace all that wear badges, all first, second, third and community respondents that ran towards the disaster and helped those strangers that needed them. Some were lifted and healed, others were buried and memorialized and the demons were killed.

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