VQ SoreCores and more

Three pax gathered early to mumble chatter and prepare for a true virgin q from Doobie. Little did they know the hallucinogenic effects of one intense beatdown could have with no running included. And so there was a warning and directive to find the plank.

COP – started with the Plank o Roma, then transitioned to Mountain Climbers

The thang – though presented as a reverse incline straddle ladder, dismayed by the name cloud what we found was a zombie walk paired with Jacobs ladder between lungs and merkins, and this is what was birthed.

Lunge walk 50 yards complete 5 Merkins

Lunge walk 45  yards complete 10 Merkins

Lunge walk 40 yards complete 15 Merkins

Lunge walk 35  yards complete 20 Merkins

Lunge walk 30 yards complete 25 Merkins

Lunge walk 25  yards complete 30 Merkins

Lunge walk 20 yards complete 35 Merkins

Lunge walk 15  yards complete 40 Merkins

unge walk 10 yards complete 45 Merkins

Lunge walk 5  yards complete 50 Merkins


Mary -200 abs, four count freddy mercury, tic toc, flutter kicks, lbc


COT – anything done in four count is bound and tied to cumulative math, not that the zombie walking on a Jacobs ladder is not…as it took some pax three sets to get fifty…This beatdown was simple, and it sucked but at the end what was smoked was smoked and prepared for the day we were, though now exhauasted even typing this makes certain folks feel certain parts they don’t necessarily want to feel, but hopefully you aren’t exhausted after reading. YHC is over and out, if anyone needs YHC, he will be under his desk taking a nap.


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