The Florence Shuffle

Hurricane rescue boat


In light of dangerous winds and heavy flooding to the states north of us we are rejoicing to not have to evacuate this year  after having to leave for two years in a row.

We are praying for friends family in the Carolinas who are experiencing the full affect of this hurricane.

Warm up:  20 side straddle hop in cadence; 20 Imperial walkers; 10 walking tin man  stretch; 7 Peter Parker stretches

The Thang

Called the feline wrote this morning: 10 Burpees for every cat Ouisie

1/4 mile run around Daffin park to the front side of Grayson Stadium doing a last man to the front (formerly insensitively known as an Indian run).  Once at the stadium stopped for two quick workouts: balls to the wall singing “do your balls hang low“ 🎵🎶;  then 30 little baby crunches in cadence

Resumed our run around the park to the south west corner 1/2 mile:  30 flutter kicks in cadence; 50 merkins OYO

Ran 1/2 mile down Washington Street into the neighborhood:  Took a break at Guckenheimer park: 25 Twists; 25 4 count squat

1/4 mile run To next stop:  two groups one performing 30 big boys sit ups the other doing as many pull-ups as possible in that time

1/2 mile run  back to the park  for grand finale

COT:  count-a- Rama; name-a-Rama; pledge prayer dismiss

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