1/3 of the Deck of Cards, 2/3 To Go

Today introduced the recently released F3 Nation Workout Deck of Cards which has an accompanying Dexicon Page on the website.

Three Pax participated in this Inaugural event.

Mosey’d to front of historic Grayson Stadium.

Cards pulled in this order

Queen Spades Monkey Humpers (25 4ct IC) – won’t do this again as 4ct
5 Clubs Oblique Crunch (15 each side)
10 Spades Lunge walk (100M)
5 Hearts – Karaoke (50 yards)
7 Spades Monkey Humpers (17 IC)
Jack Clubs Shoulder Tap
King Hearts Mtn Climber (25 4ct IC)
4 Diamonds Carolina Dry Dock (14 OYO)
Jack Spades Smurf Jack (25 OYO)
6 Clubs Low Plank (60 seconds)
10 Diamonds Incline Merkin (20 OYO)
10 Clubs Rosalita (20 OYO)
9 Hearts High Knee (19 OYO)
Jack Hearts Plank Jack (25 4ct IC)
A Diamonds (100 arm circles)
8 Club Luge – which in the gloom looked like Lunge so we did those, now seeing that it said Luge – (18 lunges)
5 Spades Standing Lunge (15 Lunges)
Q Hearts Burpee (25 OYO)
Mosey’d to water fountain, then back to flag

N-o-R, C-o-R, Prayer Requests, Pledge, Pray!

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