2/3rd Completed & a 1/3rd to Go

BB’s: A Full Deck (first 1/3rd down) 2/3rds down Deck Completed

A Full Deck

3 met in the gloom to help get through the F3 Workout Deck of Cards. We were able to get through an additional 20 cards this morning. Great work was put in by everyone in spite of the Q’s ability to make things harder than they appear on paper.


Mosey to SAA back steps (.4 miles). Introduced to the Pax how great of a AO this is with disturbed gravel walkways, 7 steps, shelter cover from the storms, etc.

Did some LBAC, St. Clairs, Merkins, and a few others to warm up to.


  1. 4 Hearts – Sprint 400m (which turned into actually 800m). Poor Q decision.
  2. Q Diamonds – Diamond Merkin (25 total)
  3. 8 Spades – Backward Lunge (18 total – 1,2=1, 1,2=2, 1,2=3…))
  4. 3 Diamonds – Chuck Norris Merkin (13 peter parker merkins b/c we didn’t know what CNM were, now we do)
  5. 3 Clubs – High, slow Flutter kicks (13 total – 1,2=1, 1,2=2, 1,2=3…)
  6. 9 Spades – Low,Slow Squat (19 breaking the 90 squats)
  7. K Spades – Squat (25 squats)
  8. A Hearts – SSH (100 total)
  9. A Clubs – Flutter Kicks (100 total – 1,2=1, 1,2=2, 1,2=3…)
  10. 9 Diamonds – Ranger Merkins (19 total)
  11. 8 Diamonds – Merkins (18 total)
  12. 9 Clubs – High Plank (90 seconds)
  13. 7 Hearts – Bear Crawls (total distance was 30 yards)
  14. 10 Hearts – Butt Kick (20 total – 1,2=1, 1,2=2, 1,2=3…) [AT THIS POINT, WE RAN THE .4 MILE BACK TO THE FLAG]
  15. J Diamonds – Dip (25 total)
  16. 4 Clubs – Heels to Heaven (14 each did our own variation of what we believe it was AND none of us did it according to the Dexicon)
  17. 6 Spades – Jumping Lunge (16 total – 1,2=1, 1,2=2, 1,2=3…)
  18. Q Clubs – Feddie Mercury (25 total – 1,2=1, 1,2=2, 1,2=3…)
  19. 4 Spades – Alternating Side Squat (14 total – 1,2=1, 1,2=2, 1,2=3…) – we finally figured out what it was thanks to our onsite medical team
  20. 8 Hearts – Squat Thrust (18 total)


N-a-R, C-a-R, Announcements, Prayer for One Direction, Moore Family, Guppy’s church.

We will have the Monthly luncheon at Green Fire Pizza on Drayton. Free Parking in the IPC Lot then a .18 mile walk to the establishment.


Chuck Norris Merkin – Merkins, but with your hands forming a fist as they rest on the ground instead of flat.

Heels to Heaven – Flat on your back, with hands under your 6 and feet together and 6 inches off the ground, bring your knees up to your chest, then raise your heels up toward the sky. Lower knees to chest, then kick feet back out to the original position.

Alternating Side Squat – From the Squat position, step your right leg laterally to the right, then squat down and bring the right leg back to center as you raise yourself. Flapjack.

Squat Thrust – Begin from a standing position. Move hips back and lower the torso to “sit” as deeply as possible while maintaining an upright position. Return to a full standing position while also mimicking arms pressing upward as if to thrust weight over your head.

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