SAVshuffle & Deck of Cards Completed

Week of Twinkle Deck of Card BBs: Fuel Workout Oxygen Workout

5 Pax were present to close out YHC week of Deck of Cards. It began on Monday at Fuel, then to Wednesday’s Oxygen, and on to complete this morning at SAVshuffle. These cards were made available in Spring of 2018 and a preorder was given and many Pax received their preorder this past week. There is a small quantity available in stock; Order Yours Today! The full line up of the Deck can be found on the Nation’s Dexicon page.


1 minute warning given. 25 SSH. Some Walking Tin Man Frankensteins or something like that.

The Thang

Shuffle Began. After some mosey’n the mumblechatter started, asking when are we stopping to workout. When that happened and the cards were dealt, the mumblechatter changed to “when are we going to start running”. This continued to repeat throughout the 3 miles and felt like Groundhog Day.

Through the 3 miles, we stopped 3 times to complete the following:

  1. 5 Diamonds – Hand Release Merkins (15 total) [FIRST STOP “1”]
  2. Ace Spades – Calf Raises (100 total) [1 Pax questioned the authority of these cards at this point]
  3. 2 Clubs – WWII Situp (12 total)
  4. 6 Diamonds – Wide Arm Merkin (16 total) [RAN TO NEXT STOP “2”]
  5. 2 Diamonds – Hand Clap Merkin (12 total)
  6. 2 Spades – Bulgarian Split Squat (12 total) [not sure what these exactly were, we all did what we believed was right]
  7. 7 Diamonds – Derkins (17 total)
  8. 3 Spades – WOJO Squat (13 total) [once again we believed what these were and did something together which sounded correct and we all believe Hamm so we followed his lead]
  9. 6 Hearts – Backward Run (60 yard run) [RAN TO NEXT STOP “3”]
  10.  King Diamonds – Merkins (25 total)
  11. 7 Clubs – Lil Baby Crunch (17 total)
  12. King Clubs – American Hammer (25 total)
  13. 2 Hearts – Sprint 200m
  14. 3 Hearts – Spring 300m


Back to Shovelflag. Stretch of some sort. Count. Name. Discussion about ownership of the Savannah River. Pledge. Prayer.


A new run group was trying to take over our AO and we don’t believe that they’ll last as men in short shorts and no shirts doesn’t seem to be too connectional with most sadclowns.

We noticed Two Pack running in circles when we returned. Still not sure what was going on there and we tossed it up to him and YHC being the only one to complete the complete Week of Twinkle and how it could drive one a little batty to spend that much time with one person under this type of stress. He kept mumbling about how Strava is against him.

Discussion about ownership of the Savannah River; Whether Counties are States – the Court ruled that Counties are not States. States cannot be sued. Sandbar’s profession is unique, not stressful most of the time, and can work for 2 people at one time, and could crash and not be liable for it.

  • Bulgarian Split Squat – Facing away from a bench or low wall, place the foot and lower leg of one leg on the bench or wall, then execute a single-leg squat using the other leg. Flapjack. don’t let TwoPack know he was right
  • WOJO Squat – Squat down, then jump up from the bottom of the position. Aka the Jumping Squat. let Hamm know he was kind of right but mostly wrong. Never trust Hamm again. Boy, he had us looking funny while slapping the ground and doing some type of Sumo Boogie Woogie Scare technique

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