Guest Q-pons

A surprise guest Q from the region Nantan Salmonella.  He came prepared for a large turnout, and only 5 Pooler PAX posted … much lower than the recent Monday turnouts in Pooler.

Conditions: 72 deg, 90% humid, a nice breeze except for the exact location where the coupons were stationed.

Salmonella’s Abnormal Backblast

Salmonella sent the below through text for the backblast.  Coming through text, it doesn’t quite have the normal Salmonella flare to it.  YHC was disappointed.

The six pax pushed through a coupon enrichment program that was heavily concentrated on upper regions.

Doughboy communicated a warning,and delivered a COP of Chinooks, MNC, IW, LBC’s, Merkins, and Dive Bombers

Sal took the pax for a quick dash to the back lot corner where a collection of coupons were found.
Station 1 = The Timer tractor totes two 5 gallon water jugs 100+ yards
Station 2 = trap band pulls
Station 3 = 60lb sandbag squats front or back
Station 4 = cinder block curls
Station 5 = American Hammers 10lb ball
Station 6 = 4×4 lateral raieses, or band plank

Rinse repeat X 3

Shuffle back to flag.

Monthly Luncheon, torch passing, 5k run 10/27 in the boro



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