Conditions: 75 deg F, 100% humidity – return to mugginess


SSH * 30 IC

MNC * 15 IC

Chinooks * 10 each way IC

T^3 * 15 IC

DQs * 10 IC

Plank, Right arm up, left arm up ~30 seconds each

Dive bombers * 3

The Thang

Mosey’d to get 8 cinder blocks.  Doughboy provided his 60 lb sandbag.

5 stations, each with a superset of exercises.  Partner up at each station.

  • Station 1 – Shoulders:  Carolina Dry Docks * 15, Overhead Presses w/ cindy
  • Station 2 – Legs: Abyss Squats * 15, Side Lunges
  • Station 3 – Biceps:  Cinder block curls * 15, Cinder block holds at mid curl
  • Station 4 – Chest/Tris: Wide merkins * 15, Tricep extensions w/ cindy
  • Station 5 – Kinetic, full body: Power clean & jerk w/ 60 lb sandbag * 15, Kettle Bell Swings w/ cindy

The exercise with 15 was the timer for the station.  After 15, flip flop with partner.  Perform each station until Q calls rotate (about 4.5 minutes each).  Cycle through all stations once.

Return the coupons, mosey to the flag.

One last superset in the remaining time – A Superman Superset

  • Superman’s for 45 seconds; Reverse Superman’s for 45 seconds (on your six, feet and hands/shoulders off the ground)


Count, Names, Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

Continued prayers for the Florida panhandle and others affected by Hurricane Michael.

F3 Coastal Empire is supporting Team RWB’s efforts to provide tarps for the recovery.  Clog took the lead to negotiate a 50% discount on tarps with local Lowes.  So far, we’ve purchased and raised money for $1,000 worth of tarps, and that number is still climbing.

Friendly reminder to always watch for ant hills in the gloom.  YHC put the sandbag right on an anthill, and Brady Bunch suffered as a result.  Luckily he had his tight drawers on today, so ONLY ankles and arms were attacked.

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