Smoked by 8

Six whooping
The Pax came to workout and they got more than they bargain with a classic solid beatdown, and everyone left satisfied.
COP one pax was still sleep hallucinating from only being up for 30 minutes yet it went something like this….SSH, IST, DQ, copper head squat, Merkins, plank jacks, mountain climbers. IC from 10 – more than 10.
Shuffle around BCABS, backwards attained coupons for Pearls on a String
PS or the thang
8 burpees
16 curls
24 goblet squats
32 mountain climbers
40 LBC’S
48 over head claps
56 bear crawed feet or yards some measurable amount of distance from the flag-ish area to the tree line….a little far but just enough.
Rinse repeat x4
Shuffle around BCABS in driving direction
Six for Mary, Freddy Mercury’s, then an upper body sculpting no arms drop MNC, air press, arm circles forward, then backwards
The four pax ended as time ran out, we all had a little more gas…not really, Interference smoked us old school.

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