Dora was a country boy

6 pax posted for some core work in hopes of a better 6 pack.


MNC, Chinooks, TTT, Sprinklers, plank while disclaimer given. Most IC. Maybe there were more but in the November heat YHC can’t remember. 68 degrees, hot and sticky (not in a good Cinnabon way)

The Thang

Music playing Up/down by Florida Georgia line. Started doing SSH then a burpee for every time they sang Up/down. Mixed in squats and overhead claps between burpees until the song was over.

Partner up for Dora. Lunge to assigned point in parking lot and back pedal back to start. Rinse and repeat until 100 merkins, 200 LBC’s , and 300 squats were finished as a team.

Find a grassy place and complete jack webs x 5

Mosey around parking lot as a group.

Full round of Mary’s with pax choice. Flutter kicks, Freddy mercs, abc’s, boat/canoe, American hammer, dollies. All IC

Bear crawl to first peninsula and bunny hop back.


Pledge Pray and on our way


There was so much despair and hateful things said during the song and burpees that YHC feels he needs to come up with another F3 term for it. Mumblechatter doesn’t do it justice. Good push by all to finish a full workout.

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