Crazy Eights

Conditions: 68 deg F, 94% humidity … still not winter


SSH * 8 IC

Chinooks * 8 each way IC

T^3 * 8 IC

Don Quixote * 8 IC

8 second plank during disclaimer

Mosey warm up lap

The Thang

8 exercises, 8 reps each, 8 cycles of work.  After each cycle, one PAX could change one exercise to their choice.  Run a half lap around the parking lot between cycles.

  1. Burpees * 8
  2. Squats * 8
  3. American Hammers * 8 per side
  4. Merkins * 8
  5. Speed Skaters * 8 per side
  6. Imperial Walkers * 8 per side
  7. Bonnie Blairs * 8 per side
  8. Peter Parkers * 8 per side

After round 1, Backstreet change Bonnie Blairs to Jump Squats.

After round 2, DQ changed Peter Parkers to SSH.

After round 3, Brady Bunch changed Burpees to Diamond Merkins.

After round 4, Armpit changed Squats to Low Planks for 8 seconds.

After round 5, Radar changed Speed Skaters to Sprinklers.

After round 6, Footlong changed Diamond Merks to LBCs.

After round 7, Clog changed Merkins to Burpees

After round 8, we should’ve been done, but these are Crazy 8’s, not boring predictable 8’s. Doughboy hadn’t changed an exercise yet.  YHC gave him the option to change one exercise, or to do one final round of the original routine.  He chose the original routine for the bonus 9th round.


Count, Names, Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

#2ndF2ndFriday lunch today at 11:30 at Tijuana Flats.


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