The Backblast is Back, alright?

YHC would like to apologize for the title of this post.  Boyband lyric puns are not acceptable.  Not now, not ever.  However, the sentiment is accurate.  It’s time to bring the F3 Savannah Backblast back.  Before YHC describes the workout events of the day, allow YHC to pontificate on the importance of the backblast.

This importance was lost to YHC over the last few months, but lunch today with Salmonella, Doughboy, and Twinkle helped put it in perspective.  YHC had come to believe that the backblast was only read by those that posted, if at all.  And with attendance slowing recently, it wasn’t worth writing a backblast.

However, the backblast, by it’s nature, has several audiences.  The workout participants, those men injured and unable to workout but wish they could, those men that moved recently and want to stay connected, men in other regions that want to see what F3 Savannah is getting done, to get creative ideas or even to scout a workout to attend when they visit this city for work or pleasure.  Perhaps most critically for the current goals of growing F3 Savannah, the backblast creates free advertising when its blasted out over twitter, facebook, etc.  It shows those men who might be interested in joining F3 that we are active and its worth their time.  It keeps those who posted and are struggling to return (for whatever reason) informed and encourages their return.

Perhaps at its core, the reason to do the backblast is for others.  Put your own discomfort second (or third) and post a backblast for the greater good of F3 in Savannah and beyond.  We don’t wake up at 530 in the morning to workout in the mud to avoid doing things we don’t like.

Let’s get to the workout:
4 pax showed up on a 50 degree morning.  The wind was moving, making a damp 50 feel less.  Conditions in the Daffin were soggy and muddy.  It was the way workouts were meant to be.
Warm Up
30 Side Stradle Hops IC
15 4 count squats IC
15 through the tunnels IC
20 walking without the walking tin-mans IC
15 merkins IC

Mosey around the traffic Circle, down the middle lane to the youth football field.
Partner up for an old fashioned Dora 1-2-3.  Each group would complete the following in aggregate.  One partner would run the 100 youth football yards to the other endzone and back and the other partner would complete AMRAP of the exercise.
100 merkins
200 squats
300 LBCS

Mosey to the Daffin Park bathhouse.  Yes its really called that.  3 rounds of wall sits and balls to the wall.

Mosey to the oak row.  7 sprints to Heaven.  Run to the first tree and back, do one burpee.  Run to the second tree and back, 2 burpees.  Run to the 3rd tree …. 3 burpees.  All the way to 7 trees and back and 7 burpees.

Mosey back to the flag, 10 minutes of Mary, dealers choice
Rainbow Row – 50 LBCs in cadence
Matlock – 50 flutter kicks in cadence
Twopack – 50 freddy mercurys in candence
Hamm – 3 rounds of Boat Canoe!!!!!

BOM, Pledge, Prayer led by Red Ryder.  Great conversation after the BOM.  3 went to breakfast for more great conversation regarding growing F3 Savannah, taking the saturday workout on the road, family funeral rituals, and social media’s influence for good or bad.

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