Veteran’s Day Battlefield

This Veteran’s Day YHC was inspired to honor those who served and fought in WWI. On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour the Armistice was signed ending hostilities. So today we are focusing on 11s.


SSH, Imperial Walkers, 4-Count Squats all in cadence and times 11. Mosey to pick up a coupon.


After picking up a log and 2 60lb sandbags, we headed off to our field of battle. PAX was paired up 2 per coupon. We began the defense building part of our battle. All materials had to be moved across the field by one PAX and the other stayed put to dig trenches. The log was flipped, 1 bag tossed, and the other dragged. The Partners dug trenches by doing 11 Burpees and then swapping out. After the 11/11/11s were completed we rotated coupons for a total of 4 rotations and each member doing 66 Burpees.

We began our offensive with UP/Downs. 20-40 yd sprints then hit the deck, leap frogging our partner for 200 yds. Change to Bear Crawls and WWI Sit-ups for 50 yds. Switch to Low Crawls and WWII Sit-ups for 25 yds. Lastly YHC introduced Back Crawls, lying on your back you must lift your core. Using your legs a shoulders you crawl as flat as you can. No one seemed to like these.


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