Agility Training VQ

6 pax posted for YHC’s first workout lead.  Based on comments received, seems some hope it will be his last…  Focus on agility and side to side motions.


58F, 95% humidity / 55deg dew point.  A bit damp and breezy.  Thankful for no rain.


SSH, Imperial Walkers and Chinooks in cadence.  Micheal Phelps OYO while disclaimer given.

The Thang

Mosey to retrieve coupons and circle up in wide part of the parking lot

1. 1/4 Loop “Black Snake” which consisted of 75% speed Indian Run with trailing man zig zagging his way to the front.  Tendency for the group to go fast made this more work.

2. 20x each block side leaps, Merkins, 4 count squats and curls OYO

3. Parking spot zig zag down and back.

4. Back to circle for Drill Sargent including 1 step ground touches to 4 corners and Down Up (burpee) as called by leader.

Rinse and repeat 1-4 with variation added including touches at end of zig zags, backwards zig zag and round robin lead of Drill Sargent.

Return coupons, bonus Black Snake to flag – woohoo!

American Hammers, flutter kicks, Superman to bring it home


Pledge, Pray, on your way.  Prayers needed for those impacted by the horrific wildfires in California.


General consensus is the elevated heart rate for the duration of the workout probably lends itself to more of a Friday Pooler Shuffle type agenda.  Lesson learned.  Good effort by all to endure YHC’s first attempt.  Finally, Flat Tire’s singing has yet to improve.

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