Modified old glory in the gloom

4 pax made it into the gloom, unsure of the Q, as the dusty and rarely used spreadsheet did have a Q listed, but said Q was not in attendance.  YHC had a workout idea brewing in my mind, so it was served to the group.  The call for “Old Glory” was met with an audible groan, and understandably so.  Savannah pax formerly did a monthly old glory.  Eventually pax felt this workout separated the group, and each man ended up working out individually.  YHC had a plan.  Old Glory done as a team – no man left behind.

Warm Up:
20 imperial walkers IC
15 through the tunnels IC

The Thang:
Run one mile
Four stations, mosey between them as a group using the four points of Hull park as the markers.  Pax completed 3 rounds of:
20 merkins
20 jump squats
20 burpees
20 big boy situps

An audible was called on the last one mile run – the third rotation was completed and 10 minutes of much needed stretching was done.

COM, Pledge, Prayer

YHC stressed the new found value in the back blast.  Group agreed, now time for action.
Chatter about Matlock’s no-show after sending implied accountability text the night before.

Everyone should show up for the Friday SAV Shuffle – Savannah’s most popular workout

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