Lanes of Pain

Conditions: 33 deg F, feels like 28 deg with the wind chill


Called that the Flyover Rule was in effect … 10 burpees for any aircraft flying overhead.

SSH * 30 IC, MNC, Chinooks, Imperial Walkers, T^3, Slow squats, Planks, Merkins

All done in cadence at 10-15 each.  Disclaimer given during plank.

The Thang

Indian run around the front lot and to the back lot to warm up … about 0.25 mile.

The one and only flyover during the workout occurred here.  10 Burpees.

There are 4 North-South lanes in the back parking lot.  Each lane had a movement exercise to advance the PAX through the lane, and a stationary exercise to supplement and provide a break during the movement.  The stationary exercises were performed on the parking lines unless otherwise noted. There are 5 lines per lane.

Lane 1: Bear Crawls with 10 Jump Squats at each line

Lane 2: Suicides to each line (sprint there, mosey back) with 10 merkins each time you return to the start of the lane

Lane 3:  Lunges while holding a Cinder Block with 10 Kettle Bell Swings at each line

Lane 4:  Bunny Hops with 10 American Hammers (10 each side) at each line

Upon completion of a lane, move to the next one.  Time cut the last lane a little short.

There might have been some merlot splashed in the backlot.  Fertilizing the grass islands.

Mosey back to the flag.


Count, Names, Announcements, Pledge, Pray

Welcome FNG L-Way!  

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