Burpee Birthday cake with frosting

36 degrees, clear

11 pax honored YHC by posting on a cooler than normal morning for his birthday Q. Disclaimer given and the part began.


MNC x 26 + Sprinklers x 27 = 53

SSH x 53

Mosey to the cindys

The Thang

Everyone likes cake for their birthday so we set in to have some. Warm up with 15 burpees.

C=Curls x 15

A=American hammers x 15 each side

K=Kettle bell swings x 15

E=Elf on the shelf x 8

Combined bites of cake = 53

Then 15 more burpees, eat another round of cake, 15 burpees, more cake, then 8 burpees, one last slice of cake. Totaling 53 burpees. Return cindys and mosey to flag.

The icing on the cake was to the tune of Roxanne. One merkin for each time Roxanne  was said and one donkey kick for each time red light was mentioned. As it turns out Roxanne was said 26 times and red light was 27 equaling 53 reps. Man that was a long song.

Flutter kicks x15, boat/canoe x15 and LBC’s x 20 finished the morning.


Pledge pray and on our way.


Discussion on how to volunteer or support a local organization during the holidays. Several options were discussed with follow up on Friday. Relay run in Richmond hill in January with likely 2 f3pooler teams. More details to follow. As you can already guess, YHC turned 53 recently. He is once again humbled by the group dynamics and encouragement within the group.

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