Gomer’s Piles

5 Pax appeared in the gloom.  Admittedly, YHC contemplated bowing out due to ‘roid rage issues of an unspeakable nature.  Suffice it to say that the ‘roid rage was not one of a “ster…” or “aster…” nature.  However, YHC took the DRP and pressed on so as not to let the Pax down.  The usual comments were made about the cold weather as well as the usual comments from Matlock regarding the questionable manliness of those wearing gloves, of which YHC was one.




SSH x 40

Hamm finally pulled up so before he got out of his car, the Pax began our mosey in the opposite direction in protest of his late (but appreciated nonetheless) arrival.

Then we loosened up Matlock’s stiff back with some Don Quixote’s, TTT’s (with claps) and non-walking walking, Michael Jordan slam dunk style Tin Mans.




We began at the mini-amphitheater by partnering up for some Dora style Derkins and box hops.  Pax 1 one performed Derkins while Pax 2 hopped to the top of the seating area, performed 1 ceremonial burpee and descended.  This repeated until 100 Derkins were completed.

Moseyed to swing set where the Pax did 10 burpee/bar touches.  Moseyed back over to amphitheater for another round of Dora…100 Inclerkins and box hops.

Moseyed back around to swing set where the Pax performed max, but not less than 5, pull-ups.  It was at this point that the gloveless Matlock began making some noise about wanting to borrow someone’s gloves.  No one offered.  Don’t know about y’all but YCH’s gloves are generally laced with copious amounts of snot on a cold day…figured I was doing him a favor by not offering mine.

After pull-ups we moseyed to the outfield for a ladder…1 merkin to 15 180-degree jump squats.  Worked our way down from 15 on the jump squats and up to 10 on the merkins with a brief mosey in between each set.  It was at this point the YHC’s aforementioned unspeakable issue increased in presence and intolerability…so we stopped.

Headed over to pavilion for cool down and stretch.  Back to the flag for a ceremonial boat-to-canoe while taking prayer requests.



Pledge, prayer for Matlock’s grandmother and the persecuted church’s in China

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