Dora the Roaming AO Explorer

YHC has wanted to post in Richmond Hill for some time, but it is a little bit of a haul from Pooler where the time from rolling out of bed to posting for a workout can be less than 10 minutes.  YHC is on vacation this week, so don’t have the firm work or kids school schedule this week … so the alarm was set for even earlier than normal (my M like’s to point out that I’m bad at “vacations”).

Gilligan lives right around the corner from the RH AO, so he joined us.  He’s normally a Pooler PAX because it works with the work schedule.  Was great to have him join us.


Disclaimer given.

SSH * 30 IC … last 10 were double time, a concept that clearly had not been introduced in RH.

MNC * 20 IC, Chinooks * 10 IC each way, Air Presses * 15 IC, Sky Pull Downs * 15 IC, Raise Da Roofs * 10 IC

T^3 * 15 IC

IW * 10 IC

The Thang

Mosey with sandbags to the turf fields ~0.5 miles

Partner up for Dora.  Tie ropes to the end of the sandbags

As a team, achieve the following cumulative rep counts.  PAX 1 does the exercise while PAX 2 would drag the sandbag 25 yards out and 25 yards back.

  • 50 Burpees
  • 150 Merkins
  • 250 Squats
  • 350 LBCs

Mosey back to the flag for some Mary, dealer’s choice.

Salmonella called for 25 American Hammers.

Doobie called for 25 Leg Raises

Gilligan called for Boat Canoe

YHC called for the Alphabet.


Count, Pledge, Pray

Pooler hosting an Ultimate Frisbee match on Saturday.

Be on the lookout for details about a 1/1/19 convergence with F3 Pooler, F3 Savannah, and F3 Richmond Hill.

Thanks for letting me Q F3 Richmond Hill!


Main image credit: Variety Magazine,, and Nickelodeon

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