The 12 days started today.

4 pax entered the gloom to take on the 12 days challenge. This workout was lifted exactly from one year ago. It also marks the three year anniversary of YHC’s first Q. Thousands of burpees and merkins later YHc continues to be challenged by F3 workouts and inspired by the men that post each morning and week.  Joining this group every morning is continually the best decision I make each day.  Enough blubbering. Here’s the thang.

Warm Up:

20 SSH ic, 20 Moro’ccan night clubs, 15 4ct squats, 12 windmills.

The 12 days:  Progressive ladder workout.  Pax does day 1, then day 2 and day 1, then day 3 – day 2 – day 1, and so on all the way to day 12. Day 1 bearcrawls were audibles after 4h day for a 200 yard run.

Day 1 – Bear Crawl 25 yards and walk back

Day 2 – 12 Merkins oyo

Day 3 – 3 Manmakers oyo

Day 4 – 4 Plank twist jumps ic

Day 5 – 5 Burpees (buh buh bump bump) oyo

Day 6 – 6 imperial walkers ic

Day 7 – 7 hillbillies ic

Day 8 – 8 jump squats oyo

Day 9 – 9 Mahktar Ndjiayes ic

Day 10 – 10 standing lunges, each leg oyo

Day 11 – 11 mountain climbers ic

Day 12 – 12 dive bombers oyo

10 days were finished and then a one off of the day 11 and 12 finished the workout. Pax agreed more dive bomber pushups are needed in our workouts.

BOm, pledge, prayer

announcements:  going forward there will be an accountability check each workout to see who you invited to the workout. This only grows if we are able to clearly articulate  the benefit we have seen from our own participation. Each man is the best advertisement for F3.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all y’all.


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