Bassinet Shuffle

Expecting only one other pax due to holiday travel schedules and announced absences, YHC was thrilled to see a mysterious white truck in the parking lot.  No, it was not a city utility work, although that would have been encouraging.  It was long lost kotter Bassinet.  One of Savannah’s first cold call EHs, Bassinet continues to post when least expected.  Not expected, but extremely welcomed.  We hope you come back soon, like tomorrow.

THe Thang:
Runners warm up on your own
Run 1 mile, past Matlocks House, to a park with an outdoor Christmas Tree
25 Merkins, 50 LBCs, 25 Merkins, 30 flutter kicks IC
Rune 1 mile to Hull Park
Lunge 25 yards, 30 squats oyo
Run 1 mile, past virtual F3’r and acclaimed author’s house, take a selfie, return to Daffin Park

BOM, Announcements, Pledge, Prayer
T-Claps to Bassinet for pushing through that first workout in months.  It doesn’t get easier, but you’ll get stronger.
Announcement for Sterling Creek Relays in Richmond Hill (  F3 Pooler is organizing teams.  Let’s all join.
Discussion of Feb. half marathon.  Hamm will do it, but only if Twinkle does it first.

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