White Elephants



SSH * 30 IC, T^3 * 12 IC, Don Quixote * 10 IC, Chinooks * 10 each way IC

The Thang, part I

A white elephant gift exchange provides usually ridiculous gifts, and allows the participants to choose their own gift or steal a gift from someone else if they really like it. For this F3 workout, on their turn, each PAX could choose a new gift from Santa bag, or steal a previously chosen gift from another PAX. Each gift listed an individual exercise for the recipient to perform, a multiplier that would help determine the reps, and a Group exercise to be done until the solo PAX finished his reps.

In order to determine the rep count, each PAX was assigned a number that was based on their arrival order. If you were early, you got a low number. That number would be multiplied by the Multiplier. Since only 6 PAX posted, it was quickly realized that we should double the rep count to make sure we got enough work in. If this workout were to be repeated, don’t do this. Just state the reps required on the gift itself.

The following gifts were in the bag:

  • Solo Exercise: Tire Flips
  • Multiplier: 5
  • Group Exercise: Slow Curls
  • Solo Exercise:  Bear Crawl
  • Multiplier: 8 parking spots and back
  • Group Exercise: Indian Run
  • Solo Exercise: Farmer Carry
  • Multiplier: 3 parking spots and back
  • Group Exercise: Shoulder Taps
  • Solo Exercise: Pull Ups
  • Multiplier: 4
  • Group Exercise: Run Around the Rosey
  • Solo Exercise: Burpees
  • Multiplier: 5
  • Group Exercise: LBCs
  • Solo Exercise: Squat Thrusters
  • Multiplier: 5
  • Group Exercise:  Jack Webbs
  • Solo Exercise: Tire Squats (squats with large tire on your shoulders)
  • Multiplier: 3
  • Group Exercise: Merkins
  • Solo Exercise: Kettle Bell Swings
  • Multiplier: 3
  • Group Exercise: American Hammers
  • Solo Exercise: Tuck Jumps (jump squats but bigger, try to bring your knees up to your chest)
  • Multiplier: 5
  • Group Exercise: Hold Reverse Plank
  • Solo Exercise: Swerkins – Feet in a swing, do a pushup and then swing your feet to your chest for a crunch
  • Multiplier: 3
  • Group Exercise: Cusack’s – Hold a cinder block over your head

YHC doesn’t recall the order they were drawn or who stole what. But Doughboy probably had the worst draw with 48 parking spots worth of bear crawls and 30 tuck jumps.

Deuce and Brady Bunch are really fast at Pull Ups.

We got through all gifts and a few steals right as time was expiring.

The Thang, part II

Deuce set a personal challenge for the year to complete 500 miles worth of rucking or walking in 2018. Going into Christmas Eve, he was 9.25 miles shy of that goal. The Christmas Eve PAX determined that we’d help him get another 3.1 miles closer.

Brady Bunch chose a 5K route for us, and then staggered our start times so that we would all finish close together. DQ and Brady Bunch finished ahead of their target time, Deuce on his target time, and YHC and Doughboy slightly behind our target times. Not bad at all considering we had just completed the White Elephant Workout. Glow Stick had to bow out of this portion due to a frisbee induced rib injury that was still lingering from Saturday.

Glow Stick had brought an actual White Elephant gift though, which has since been dubbed the F3 Pooler Annual Christmas Eve 5K Trophy. DQ and Brady Bunch get to share this beautiful, and functional, African Zebra Mask over the next 12 months.


Count, Names, Pledge, Pray

Merry Christmas to all who may read this. F3 has been an awesome thing for YHC, pushing me to be better in many aspects of my life. As we get ready for 2019, I look forward to the different ways this group will help me accelerate in life … and hopefully to challenge and push others to accelerate as well.

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