Merry Christmas and a Hapyp eNw eYar

eys I spelled that write.

4 Pax joined in the gloom with 1 2.0 for a Friday Shuffle

Twinkle, Twopack, Bassinet, UGA VI & 2.0, YHC

We headed out of Daffin park and ran a full 2.8 miles. with a couple of stops in between.

1st Stop: 25 decline merkins; 40 LBC; 25 incline merkins
2nd Stop: 25 jump squats; 25 merkins; 25 jump squats
3rd Stop: 25 chubby checkers (standing twist) IC; 30 dips; 25 incline merkins; 30 dips; (pause for Christmas tree photo) 25 chubby checkers IC.
4th stop: 15 mac-tar-jai IC; 15 mountain climbers IC; 15 mac-tar-jai
5th stop: 30 LBC (IC); 30 flutter kicks (IC); 30 LBC (IC)

Wrapped this belated Christmas package up with a COT, count-a-rama, name-a-rama; pledge and prayer.

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