Happy New Year! 2019

Happy New Year to all! Twinkle started talking to YHC over the past week about possibly Q’ing our New Year convergence. YHC had some ideas but with Twinkle aka Blue Falcon egging him on decided on the harder option. 10 HIM’s answered the call and showed up this morning for a good old fashioned boot camp.

Disclaimer was given by Hamm during the warm-up which consisted of:

  1. Moroccan Night Clubs x20 IC
  2. Chinooks x20 IC/Reversed x20 IC
  3. Hand release merkins x20 IC
  4. Flutter kicks x20 IC
    Now that everyone was started to get warm and not worried about getting wet. We did:
  5. High knees x20m/butt kicks x20m and repeated x1
  6. Then Sprints 100m sprints x4 with rests in alternating low, high plank, R and L side plank x45 sec
  7. Bear crawls x 50m x2 super-set with
  8. 8 count body builder x10 ea. IC = 20
  9. Crab walks x 50m x2 super-set with
  10. Side v-ups/crunches x10 ea. side IC = 20
  11. Walking lunges x20 super-set with jumping lunges and sprint repeated x2
  12. Jumping lunges x20 OYO then
  13. 50m sprint
  14. 200m mosey at own pace then
  15. Single leg bridge hold x20sec ea. x2 ea. leg, then we headed over to the monkey bars for iso holds/hangs
  16. Instructions were given and demonstrated you could either hang in top position or bottom position with over or under hand grip. x20 sec
  17. Half group rested in high plank and this was repeated 3 times. Then we moseyed back over to the flags and did
  18. Flutter kicks IC x20
  19. Side crunches IC x10 ea. leg = 20 reps

In all we did 20 reps or sec holds for 19 rounds to ring in 2019 in our own special way.

We ended with Count-arama, Name-arama and BOM.

There is an upcoming run on 12 JAN 2019 in Richmond Hill to support RHHS cross country team. Pooler, Richmond Hill and Savannah are forming teams so jump in and get involved with the community this year!

The challenge was also given to make it to at least 100 F3 workouts this year! And if you Q post a backblast! (If you don’t did the workout really happen?)

We ended with some coffee that Hamm provided and talked about our goals and plans for this upcoming year.


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