Matrix of pain


#23 inspired warm up:  SSH, Walkers, Chinnooks, Tunnels, etc.  YHC tried to honor Michael Jordan’s achievement in 1991 on this day where he achieved 15,000 total career points.  Poor counting by YHC made this less effective than planned.


Mosey to the back parking lot for a MATRIX inspired workout where rep count was determined by the numerical intersection of the row and column of each exercise location on the parking lot grid.  Each column consisted of Burpees, Squat Lunges, ‘Mercans, WWIIs and Mountain climbers.  Each successive column increased rep count of each movement for all 4 columns of parking spaces.  Repeat the matrix with a 2X factor for fun.  Most wished they had taken the Red Pill by the end.  Mosey back to the flag with a bonus 5 burpee flyover penalty on the way.


Count, pledge, pray

Announcements:  Relay race in RH this weekend, Lunch Friday at Tiujana Flats at noon


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