Coupons, Corners … and Complaints

Conditions: 33 deg F, we were all bundled up. Our northern F3 brothers would laugh at us.


Disclaimer given

Flyover Rule in Effect – 10 burpees per flyover

SSH * 50 IC (Complaint # 1 … apparently this was a lot according to the mumblechatter), Through the Tunnel * 15 IC, MNC * 15 IC, Planks left-right-normal, Dive bombers *4, Chinooks * 10 each way, Sprinklers * 15

The Thang

Mosey to get some coupons.

4 corners, with and without a coupon:

  1. 25 Merkins OR 25 Abyss merkins with the cinder blocks
  2. 25 Squats OR 25 Squats with a cinder blocks
  3. 25 Leg Lifts OR 25 Leg Lifts while holding a cinder block above your chest
  4. 50 Air Presses OR 25 Shrugs with cinder blocks

Only one station at a time will have the cinder blocks. If the cindy’s are there, use them for the workout … if not, perform coupon-less version of the workout.

To move the cinder blocks to the next corner, farmer carry them. Only do this once per lap. Example, do station 1 with coupon, farmer carry to station 2, exercise with coupon, mosey to station 3, exercise w/o coupon, mosey to 4, exercise w/o coupon, mosey to 1, exercise w/o coupon, mosey to 2, exercise with coupon, farmer carry to 3, exercise w/ coupon, mosey to 4. Takes more time to explain than to just do it. It worked though.

Due to the great PAX turnout of 9, we split into 2 groups because we don’t have 18 cindy’s. The parking lot AO was not a perfect square, so one group mumbled about having to farmer carry further than the other (Complaint #2).

There was one flyover for 10 burpees in the middle of the routine. The normal Fed Ex arrival into Savannah, a 757. YHC noted that Abyss Merkins were exceptionally hard after the burpees (Complaint #3).

Return the coupons, hustle back to the flag. YHC called for American Hammer’s IC * 20, Woo Hoo called for Merkins IC * 10 which generated some groans (Complaint #4).


Count, Names, Announcements, Pledge, Pray

#2ndFriday2ndF today at Tijuana Flats – meet at 11:30-ish.

Savannah’s Saturday AO will relocate to Richmond Hill’s AO tomorrow for those that are running in the Richmond Hill team relay race. Pooler fully expects the SAV/RH relay team to use the double down workout as their excuse for their inevitable loss in the relay. We aren’t competitive at all though.

0630 tomorrow for Spark at Devaul Henderson Park. Salmonella is excited to host us.

F3 Low Country, of which Flat Tire is an honorary member, is doing a Boston Butt fundraiser. $35/butt … hand delivered by Flat Tire on 1/23.

Another 2nd Harvest volunteer opportunity is coming up on 1/19. Possible 2ndF/3rdF event.

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