Double Down Saturday

A suggestion for a CSAUP at the Sterling Creek Relay Race in Richmond Hill turned into a double down with a convergence of Pooler, Savannah, and Richmond Hill. The CSAUP event was to commemorate a new portion of trails that are opening in the park, with proceeds benefiting the Richmond Hill cross country team. After a challenge for the participants to first hit up Savannah’s Saturday AO Spark, it was agreed to host Spark in Richmond Hill.


Hamm warmed us up with SSH, Moroccan nightclubs, hand release Merkins, 4 count squats, and a couple others escaping YHCs memory.

The Thang #1

Mosey to the soccer field with cinder blocks. Drop the blocks at the gate, and then proceed to the parking lot.

Mike Tyson Bear Crawls in pyramid fashion … 1 Tyson, bear crawl across to the next curb, 2 Tyson’s, bear crawl back, 3 Tyson’s. Continue until 7 Tyson’s are complete. YHC didn’t consider the wear on the legs during this for our run later in the morning.

Mosey back to the cindy’s. 21’s with Cindy Curls and Squats. 25 yard run between exercises. Totals up to 210 curls and 210 squats.

PAX were given a choice for the next routine. Either a repeat of the Tyson Bear Crawls (rejected before the next option was even given) or Bring Sally Up. 3:25 of low planks with an occasional merkin. These never get easier.

Carry the cindy’s back to the flag for some Ring of Fire followed by Mary. Gilligan had to depart at this point to get ready for the relay with his M.

Ring of fire: 1 PAX throws out an ab exercise and then bear crawls around the workout circle while the other PAX perform said ab exercise. Flutter kicks, American hammers, crunchy frogs, dive bombers, Freddy Mercuries, and one other were all called.

2 rounds of feet-off-the-ground Mary: Flutter Kicks * 10 IC, Hello Dolly * 10 IC, Reverse Crunches * 10 IC


We were interrupted during announcements by Salmonella showing up to see if we were there. We were. He made the right priority call to not partake in this beatdown, but his energy was missed.


Hamm noted that YHC’s playlist was notably ‘different’ than Twinkle’s. Let me know if you want me to share it with you!

Hamm, apparently a musical connoisseur, commented that Moby is not lyrically gifted and could stand some variety in his lyrics. It’s possible that were his pecs that were talking though.

The Thang #2

After the beatdown, we broke up to get some electrolytes and make our way towards the relay race.

Relay Format: 1/2 mile laps, 2 hours total time, only completed laps are officially counted.

Pooler Team relay order: Deuce, DQ, Betty Crocker, Woo Hoo, and Flat Tire

Savannah/Richmond Hill Team relay order: Hamm, Two Pack, Salmonella, Doobie

Brady Bunch and Gilligan were both participating, but with their families. Brady Bunch ran each lap with his kids at their pace, as well as his own leg’s at typical Brady Bunch pace. Total mileage >12 for Brady Bunch. #BeastMode

Though SAV/RH had 4 team members, they matched Pooler’s 5 man team lap for lap. Both teams completed 35 full laps, or 17.5 miles in 2 hours. Deuce and Doobie raced on the last lap, with the 2 hour limit hitting as they were on the final stretch. Deuce said Doobie took the lead right before time was called.

The high school cross country kids smoked everyone … 43 laps. Those kids are fast. Start EHing them for F3 now!

A great convergence, a great double down, and a great way to support the local community of one of our AO’s. Couldn’t have chosen a better way to start our Saturday.

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