Farmer Dora

9 pax warmed up  while anxiously awaiting a 10th.


mnc, ssh, chinooks, TTT all in cadence random reps. Mosey to the Cindy’s. Once we had the coupons we noticed our FNG arrived. Mosey back and pick him up, disclaimer given. 10 pax!

The Thang

Pair up. Pax A grabs Cindy’s and farmer carry to the second parking lot peninsula. 5 burpees. Leave Cindy’s and return to beginning. Meanwhile Pax B has been doing the chalk exercises. Pax A picks up exercise where Pax B leaves off on the rep count. Pax B mosey to Cindy’s, 5 burpees, brings Cindy’s back to beginning. Rinse and repeat until finished.

100 Merkins

200 Lbc’s

300 Jump Squats

400 Mountain Climbers

Return cindys and mosey to the flag for flutter kicks and dollies.


Pledge Pray and on our way


Welcome Banjo  our newest FNG. Well done. YHC usually draws the exercises on the pavement in chalk. It helps everyone remember what’s next. Or maybe he’s a Picasso.

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