Two relay Running Pax, aka the dynamic duo from Richmond Hill, meet up in the cool January to get ready for the day. Doobie took the Q with something planned on man-made grass.

Warning, we shuffled the long way by the softball fields to the turf fields.

Once turfed, 80% red lines to the other end zone, 10 merkins, ran back to the other end zone to complete various ab work.

Rinse Repeat increasing merkins by 10, lowering red line sprints by 10 yards. At the 50 yard line we completed 50 dips, at the 40 we did 60 merkins. The ab work consisted of WWII’s, Flutter kicks, LBC’s, Leg Lifts all done in reps of 50.

Shuffled back to Flags via lake side, the half mile route.

COT, Doobie led us in the P&P (Pledge and Prayer)

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