Rock, Paper, Scissors- BURPEE!!

We have come close to having double digits turnout to all of our regular weekly AO bootcamps, so the hope was that 10+ showed up in the gloom this morning.  It was exciting to see the 10th and even 11th man pull in, so the Q awarded the PAX by calling off the “Fly-Over Burpee” rule.  Little did they know that the Q had planned many burpees later on for them.

Welcome/Disclaimer- Yup!


SSH (ICx20), 4-Count Squats (ICx15), Merkins (ICx15), MRN (ICx15), mosey to back parking lot.

Thang (Round 1)

The only thing YHC hates more than running is Burpees, so that is what was called for today, but with a little twist.  We played Ring around the Rosey- Rock, Paper, Scissors around the row of islands.  Partner 1 moseyed one direction around and Partner 2 moseyed the other direction.  When they passed, a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors ensued.  The loser dropped for 3 burpees while winning partner continued moseying.  Then losing partner sprinted to complete his circle.  Each time they passed, there was a winner and a loser.  The went on for about 10 minutes with a few winners and many losers.

Thang (Round 2)

Single file line for King of the Hill- Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Starting with the King, a challenger stepped of for a battle of RPS.  Loser was assigned by the winner a 1, 2, 3, or 4 penalty.  Penaly 1 was run over 1 row and drop for 10 (8ct) Manmakers and mosey back to the end of  the single file line.  Penalty 2- mosey over 2 rows for 20 (yes 20) straight-up normal burpees.  Penalty 3- mosey over 3 rows for 30 squat thrusters.  Penalty 4- mosey the perimeter, 4 corners of the parking lot.  Once again, there were many losers and a couple winners.  I heard the longest streak was 5 wins.  Mosey back to the shovelflag.


Mary it was and YHC has missed calling Boat/Canoe, so there it was.  We did some, even worse than normal, singing along with some Dollys.  That was so painful we stopped there.

Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

Feb 9th- Convergence in Savannah, Feb 23rd GoRuck Light

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