Cold Coupons Deposited

Three pax greated the freezing temperature in the Hill, to warm the body’s of their souls. We were all comfortable for being uncomfortable, and saw Doobie in long sleeves for the first time.

Warning, COP – mumble chatter while MNC’s, Michael Phelps, Imperial Walkers to 32 and then the warmth settled with 40 IC SSH.

The thing inspired by our brother Hamm, once you touch the coupon you can’t let go, or set it on the ground. Unfortunately, two pax did not have gloves, while one had glooves and hand warmers – who brought that guy, yet the rain literately had frozen on the cinder blocks. We pressed on until the Q’s fingers were numb and swollen straight. 30 curls, 20 squats with coupons on back, 30 over head press, 20 goblet squats off the curb, 10 tricep pulls each arm. Get on your six, 30 chest press, 100 flutter kicks with block in the air, 30 more chest press. Q did a quick self assessment and hit the f button for the coupons.

Mossy’d around the BCABS building, 20 squats.

Lung walked down the corner, slow mossy’d, then redline to finish the second loop.

Merkins, then we did a third loop just chilling.

Then we finished with some dealers choice for Mary, by this point the q’s teeth were trembling, but it went something like Plank o Roma, twice with 20 Nolan Ryan’s on the second, 50 LBC’s, 40 Flutter kicks four count. Finished with 100 curbed calf raises, and if you hold you hand in front of you just right…well try it…maybe it reminds you of something maybe you still holding a card. Monkey humpers, and then 9 freaking man mankers, thank Doobie for enticing the Q.

COT, YHC delayed writing this until tonight because of what was shared, and honestly still haven’t really caught his breath. Doobie’s little brother’s fiance was killed last week in a car wreck in California. UHAUL driver going the wrong way down the street hit her head on. One can only hope she didn’t suffer and that he is able to find some peace quickly. There is a gofund page out there to help the family with burial cost, and plane tickets for family members to travel home. Circle up guys. Please remember these the Stephenson’s in your COT’s.

We showered and collected our 2.0’s all three Pax had the day off so we meet for breakfast and 2ndF.

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