Fart begins with an “F”…and so it begins.

In the cool Wednesday gloom, 11 PAX pulled our sorry cans outta the fart sack and posted for an “F” Day workout. With the “F”lyover Rule in place we began. Would you believe…halfway thru the disclaimer a cropduster flew over…what a beginning. Well, the short story is the rest of the plans went east…oh well…we made up for it.

Warm Up

• Fly over salute 5 burpees
• Disclaimer
• Planks
• Dive bombers
• Thru the tunnel
• DQ
• Moroccan nightclubs
• Chinooks
• 21 Side straddle hops SILENT CNT…thanks @footlong for the extra burpees
• Mercans
• Air squats
• Mtn climbers
• LBCs
• Imperial walkers
• Indian Run finished with Railroad Tracks

The Thang

Failure to Launch – Al Gore, count down from 10 to blast of and immediately go to the Al Gore 10x…near failure for the Q for sure, thighs were burning!

Field of Dreams – 4 teams, AMRAP, squats, mercans, lbc’s, 15 burpees, 1 time around the bases.

Fire Drill – chopping feet, “fire”, stop, drop, mercan, roll right, mercan, roll left, mercan. Each hollerd FIRE before we were done…some were more enthusiastic than others…some were more of a whimper…lol

Febreze – 2:10 Big Boy Situps:Air Presses with feet 6″ off the ground during the presses. Went up to 10:50 by x2.

Freddy Mercury’s to “F”inish it off.

Count and name

Prayer request by @footlong for the passing away of a gentleman at Gulfstream…

Pledge and Prayer

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