Waking up Running Backwards

Q: Bassinet

  • Warm up- arm circles-Side-straddle Hops-Don Quixotes- Butt-kicks
  • 50 yd Mosey+ 50 Mercan – inclined/declined +Reverse plank +(50yrd sprint + 50yrd runningbackwards to start ) x 2
  • 100 yd Mosey+ (Shoulder taps + LBCs) x 2 sets + Al Gore
  • 100 yd Mosey+ 20 Box jumps + LBCs + scissor kicks 
  • 100 yd mosey+ (50yrd sprint + 50yrd running backwards to start ) x 2 + Ballerinas Toe Squats+ LBCs + Prisoner Cell Merkins 
  • 50 yd mosey+PAX Round of “Hey, Watch iss!”

Gettingstarted with the day on the right foot, sometimes means doing things backwards.Today we learned Matlock enjoys running… backwards. He will take any on any challenger.Google it, Running backward is a thing: https://www.runnersworld.com/news/a19692331/running-boston-marathon-backward/

I met Kudjoand Stone-Cold on Monday’s workout and both returned today eager to work outand reconnect with F3. The bond of the F3 brotherhood has picked up right whereit started.

Ham askedme to Q the night before and has assisted in the learning curve and the art of Q-ing.

2Pac getsthe award for the best “Hey, Watch iss!” redneck accent. We all survived Bassinet’s 1st official Q and the Circle ofTrust got the day on the right direction even if the day started waking up to runningbackwards.

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