Inaugural RPM 50/20

RPM 20/50 backblast:

Warning issued. Two pax came to initiate and fire up the week with freshly named AO RPM.

COP Moroccan Hops (essentially SSH with Moroccan night clubs instead of overhead high fives) an instant classic! mountain climbers x 15, then Imperial Walkers.

Mossey by the softball fields down to the Man made grass….aka the pax pit

The Thang
20x1min rounds back-to-back;

50 yard dash race pace and back then 50reps per round.
50yard Down & Back, 50merkins, Rinse Repeat

50 yard D&B, 50 toes to heaven, rinse repeat with WWII situps, rinse repeat with flutter kicks.

50yard D&B then 50 dips

50 yard D&B then 50 merkins, (150 total)

50 yard D&B then 50 WWII situps

50 yard D&B then 50 dips

50 yard D&B the 50 LBC’S

If pax missed any of the 50 reps we banked for Mary. Sal missed 26 total, so the Q Doobie had us blank for minutes, then boat and canoe for ten calls…

COT prayers for Doobie and family while he travels back to California.

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