Warning delivered in low plank, then moved into a high plank kick started mountain climbers since we are down there….then COP officially began

COP – Merkins, Moroccan Hops, Wind Mills, then we left to do this stupid simple thing.

Dash down to the light pole in the little field, where we started this thing nearly four birthday’s ago, yes this is the fourth birthday YHC, as been allowed to Q, one of those years it was gifted to a guest Q, but back now to giving it to you in Person.

Once back from the Pole dash.

39 Burpees, Pole Dash and Back

39 Everyone’s favorite Merkin, Pole D&B

39 American Hammer’s, Pole D&B

39 Squats, with coupons, Pole D&B

39 Tricep Towers (Reverse pickle Pusher) Pole Dash and Back

Rinse repeat with twist, if you feel like you need more during the sprints grab a ruck, or sand bag, if the dash is quick enough then commence. Oh and since YHC was 39 on the 31st – lets get it.

31 Burpees, PDB

31 Everyone’s favorite Merkin, PDB

31 American Hammer’s, PDB

31 Squats, with coupons unless spent, PDB

31 Tricep Towers, PDB

Rinse repeat, do you feel the heat Pax, well on occasion mathematics are involved in life. Our brother Betty Crocker also had a birthday on the 29th, since Hamm is OOT we will plus one getting us to 30 actions for a Matlock total of 100 of the five excercises. No time to spare this was your longest break – and for the record Matlock advised do an extra for 101. YHC couldn’t comply with said request, many others did. Happy with Hundo.

30 Burpees, PDB

30 E.F. Mekrin, PDB

30 American Hammers, PDB

30 Squats, weighted unless spent, PDB

30 Tricep towers, PDB

Next get the coupons and return to pain cage, and cars.

COT prayers for MaryLou’s grands dealing with financial instituions and account fraud, Kojac’s faith in being positive during the tribulations of life. Sal’s future and the laundry list of departmental concerns. Those traveling, RedRyder and Hamm, those working TwoPack, and those MIA’s Twinkle, Guppy, Bassenet, Clog, Betty Crocker, WooHoo, Deuce, essentially everyone from Pooler other than Doughboy, where are thou Pooler Pax…

Convergence next weekend, details disclosed to those in communication with socail media, try to share the air with the pax in the gloom.

YHC – Peace be with you all

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