Sprints & A Hose

Conditions: 49 deg F, perfect gloom weather

YHC was hoping for a strong turnout to gauge interest in purchasing a battle rope. Only 5 posted … well below our recent average. The 5 of us decided we are a go for battle rope purchase.


Disclaimer during plank, right arm up with arm circles, back to plank, left arm up with arm circles, 3 dive bombers, 15 through the tunnels in cadence

The Thang

Mosey to the back parking lot. Start with Death By Sprints, which are appropriately named.

Each parking lot line to parking lot line span counts as 1. In the first minute, sprint 1 span. Rest for the remainder of the minute. In minute 2, sprint 2 spans, rest for the remainder of the minute. In minute 3 … you get the point. Do this all the way to complete 10 spans in less than a minute. It took from 45-60 seconds to complete that last set of 10. Complaints were coming from all PAX.

Walk (we were too tired to mosey the 100 yards) to the center light pole in the back lot. A fire hose was wrapped around the light pole. We would use the fire hose as a pseudo-Battle Rope. This center station would be the timer. PAX could choose from Alternating Waves, Side to Side Slams, Side Snakes, Inside Circles, and Outside Circles. Goal was to go for at least 1 minute AMRAP with the battle hose.

The remaining PAX would make a circuit to each of the other 8 light posts in the parking lot. The corner posts were for Merkins, and the middle posts were for abs, alternating from Flutter Kicks to American Hammers to Planks to Freddy Mercuries. The 2nd time around, the corner posts were changed to Jump Squats. Keep working at each station until the Battle Hose PAX would return to tag out the next timer.

We made it through 10 light pole rounds.

One PAX grabs the fire hose and runs with it towards the flag. Change out the PAX along the way until all are at the flag and the fire hose was in YHC’s truck.


Pledge and Prayer

YHC is making a shirt order this weekend. Let me know if you want to jump on it for free shipping.

Praise for a successful kidney removal/donor surgery for DQ’s M, along with the other kidney-chain donors/recipients. What a truly selfless act of love and compassion. Prayers for all involved to have a speedy, successful recovery.

Backstreet has the Q for Monday.

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