Double (soggy) Dora

Conditions:  52 deg F, persistent mist punctuated by occasional light showers

YHC posted and was grateful to not be working out by himself on a very soggy Wednesday.  3 Pax posted.  YHC assumes this is due to the poor weather and not a reflection of past Q’s.


Mosey to the pavilion by the YMCA soccer field.  Warm up with SSH, Emperial Walkers, Chinnooks, etc.  Disclaimer was provided during this time.


Workout was a “double Dora” modified from original plans to keep the majority of the effort under the pavilion roof.  As a team of 3, complete 50 burpees, 100 picnic table curls, 150 ‘Merkins, 200 squats Dora style.  Timing of effort provided to running through the squishy grass to about midway of the soccer field.  Halftime was a full lap around the field and then back down 200, 150, 100, 50 – but this time adding a jump to the squat and finishing with 8 count instead of the regular burpee.


No announcements.  Countarama, Namarama, prayer


Props to Flattire and Radar for venturing out on a soggy morning.  Some grumbling may have occurred regarding how water logged our feet became, otherwise it was a good time.

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