Rainy Day burpees

Two pax showed in the raining gloom. Many stayed home, not realizing the rain would ease up if men posted to a workout. The rain slightly eased, then persisted. The workout however just persisted. Like the old man and the sea. Or the two old men and the picnic table. The Thang:

Lengthened warm up:
30 SSH
30 through the tunnels
30 imperial Walkers
10 merkins slow count IC
30 flutter kiks
20 reverse crunches
30 flutter kicks
3 minutes of heels to heaven

Rainy Day Dora:
50 merkins
100 squats
150 crunches

Dirty MacDeuce (3 rounds of 4 exercises)
20 pretzel crunches each side
30 incline pushups
30 toe taps on the bench
20 lunges

40 dips
25 burpees
40 dips
25 burpees

t-claps to Two Pack for getting us through those burpees. YHC tried to quit multiple times. Also – fastest back blast in F3 Savannah history. Boom!

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